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A Message from Dodo and Joe Kopu on the passing of Nomad Dave Whyte

Dave (the Fysh) was a personal friend of ours for years and years. Dave and his wife Maggie used to live on Merton Street and had two sons, Liam and Morgan before they want back to Oz. They used to have great parties and Maggie always had a ‘lame duck’ dinner on Christmas Day for those without families here.

Dave was a tremendous character. He was as skinny as a rake but ate prodigious amounts of food. It was a running joke about inviting Dave to a party – everyone made sure they made it up to the table before Dave did. He used to roll his ciggies, one handed, and puffed away while telling tall stories. He never spoke quickly, had a laconic way about him, sort of like an Aussie cowboy. He did renovations and drove a truck that was held together by bits of rope. He once drove me to the movies on a wet night when I was baby sitting Liam and I had to keep my umbrella up INSIDE THE VAN, because there was no window on the passenger side. He was a lovely man. Joe says he and Fysh played rugby at the same time. “Was he any good Joe”? “Yes, he was good enough” (praise indeed)!

The family moved back to Canberra a few decades ago. We visited with them in 2011; Maggie was away so Dave was the best host ever. We had such a laugh. We’re very sad to hear about Dave’s death, and know he’ll be missed by Maggie, Liam and Morgan, his family and many friends worldwide. But we’ll all share a smile, wherever we are, when we think of Fysh – one of a kind.

– Dodo and Joe Kopu