Play rugby in Toronto's downtown core with the Toronto Nomads Rugby Club!
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Annual Alumni & Social Memberships


If you would like to become a social Nomads member, the 2019 fee is $150. This money goes towards our 1950 Foundation, which funds our elite athletes as well as low-income players. The 1950 Fund also helps The Club procure necessary equipment and rentals. Winter 2019 the Nomads were able to rent a turf field and begin full contact training in February. We need to keep the momentum, and we depend on our alumni, friends and family.

To become a social Nomads member, please visit the registration website and select social member.    


Social members have voting rights at the AGM and any other important Nomads elections. Those who register for a visitors pass are automatically granted social membership status. 


Our rugby club isn’t great just because of the boots on the field. The cheering in the stands and the volunteers who keep things running are equally important to the health and vibrancy of the Nomads. Whether you’re an alumnus, a parent or simply a friend of the Nomads: We want you to know how important you are to our club.