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Coaching Clinic Thank-You to Mark Anscombe

Tuesday, July 25th, 2017

The Nomads hosted a coaching clinic by Rugby Canada men’s fifteens head coach, Mark Anscombe on Monday, July 24. The clinic was attended by 15 Nomads coaches from Nomads and other TRU clubs. Nomads Rugby thanks Mark for giving up is valuable time to share his knowledge with our coaches and players.

Club Apology to Barrie RFC

Tuesday, July 25th, 2017

This morning I had the unfortunate task of issuing an apology on behalf of the Nomads to our friends at Barrie RFC.

On Saturday during the men’s 1st XV game, some of our support unfortunately crossed the line from friendly and supportive to nasty and vindictive.

It should be noted that the reports of the poor behaviour came from fellow Nomads and not the opposition.

In particular, with an opposition player injured, some of our sideline support made inappropriate comments to both that player and the opposition generally. This is absolutely not in the spirit of rugby.

Passion and compassion should characterize all Nomads both on and off the field. We are proudly competitive and highly respectful of the teams we play against. The whole rugby community is a small, tight-knit one, filled with great people who have a love of our sport. Let’s never lose sight of that.

Let us also never lose sight of the fact that all players who wear the Nomad jersey do so with great pride. It is incumbent on all of us as supporters to match that pride and integrity from the sidelines or stands.

I will say that this is the first time in my tenure that I have had to apologize for something such as this, and so I am confident that this was an isolated incident.

The Nomads is a proud rugby club with a fantastic group of people associated with it. I urge all of us to look inwardly and recognize the difference between passionately supporting our club and behaving disrespectfully and rudely to others.

Thank you all for your continued support and dedication.

President Steve Darley

Senior Games! Updates and July 22 Schedule

Friday, July 21st, 2017
After an epic sweep of wins last week, all teams return to Fletchers for July 22. The women face The Blues at noon, while the thirds kick off against Barrie at the same time. Seconds to follow at 1:30 also versus Barrie with the firsts finishing off the day with a 3:00 p.m. game.
Senior Women went up against the also undefeated Beach and left with 41-5 win. For now, the ladies and their junior girls remain at the top of their respective ladders. Seconds clobbered the Beavers with a 55-14 win. Firsts took home a few Brampton pelts, too, with their 43-10 victory.

Nomads Camp Discount!

Monday, July 10th, 2017
17 campers and 3  camp counsellors (all Nomads under 18 volunteers) enjoying themselves on Day 1 of Week 1 of Nomads Junior Rugby 2017 Summer Rugby Camp at Eglinton Flats.
Some spaces remain available for week 2, commencing  Monday June 17. Registered Nomads’ Juniors and/or their siblings plus family members of Senior Women and Men are eligible for a 50% discount off the regular $250 Camp fee. That’s $250 value for just $125 (or $25 per day!)

To reserve a place at the discounted rate go to 2017 Summer Camps and use Coupon Code Nomads2017

July 8 Scores: So Many Ws!

Sunday, July 9th, 2017

Wow! What an amazing weekend for our club. Nomads 1sts and 2nds beat Waterloo, who had been bogarting the top table position. Although the 3rds, fell, they put up a valiant effort. On the Women’s side, the ladies beat Cru after an epic, unrelenting first half. Even our junior girls have been crushing it, with a commanding win against The Beach earlier in the week.

1s – 31-29 win
2s – 25-22 win
3s – 21-12 loss
Women – 37-20 win
Junior Girls – 36-5 win

Let’s bring this energy into next week’s Nomads Day games on July 15. Hope to see you there for the first NOMADS DAY MEETS STRAWBERRIES EPIC PARTY!

Strawberry Nomads Day Details

Sunday, July 9th, 2017

This year we’ve taken everyone’s two favourite Nomads events, Nomads Day and Strawberries & Champagne Backyard BBQ and combined them into one awesome event!  TICKET LINK!

Nomads Day – all of our teams are playing at home! Come out early to cheer on the Juniors, and stay all day to watch the Seniors!

Strawberries & Champagne – everyone’s favourite backyard bbq is back and better than ever! Come celebrate all of our teams inevitable wins with burgers and beer!

Schedule for the Day:
9:30 AM – Bus #1 from the Rose & Crown to Fletchers
10:00 AM – Nomads U15 Boys vs. Kings in Grantham (travelling UK side)
11:00 AM – Bus #2 from the Rose & Crown to Fletchers
11:00 AM – Nomads U17 Boys vs. Kings in Grantham (travelling UK side)
12:00 PM – Nomads Senior Women vs The Beach
12:00 PM – Nomads Senior Men’s 3rd vs TBD
1:30 PM – Nomads Senior Men’s 2nd vs Brampton Beavers
3:00 PM – Nomads Senior Men’s 1st vs Brampton Beavers
4:30 PM – Bus #1 from Fletchers to Strawberries & Champagne
5:00 PM – Strawberries & Champagne Backyard BBQ starts!
5:30 PM – Bus #2 from Fletchers to Strawberries & Champagne
10:00 PM (aprox) – Strawberries & Champagne ends

As we are offering buses to and from the fields for all senior players and spectators, there is a new price structure in effect this year – and early bird tickets can be purchased HERE.

*juniors and spectators under the age of 19 are welcome to take the bus as well – but please note that the bus will not arrive at Fletchers in time for playing U15s to get warmed up and hit the field on time.

Ticket Prices:
EARLY BIRD – Adult (BBQ + bus) – $45
EARLY BIRD – Adult (BBQ only) – $35
EARLY BIRD – Junior (BBQ + bus) – $35
EARLY BIRD – Junior (BBQ only) – $25
*all early bird tickets can be purchased online through the Nomads shop

DAY OF – Adult (BBQ + bus) – $50
DAY OF – Adult (BBQ only) – $40
DAY OF – Junior (BBQ + bus) – $40
DAY OF – Junior (BBQ only) – $30

ADDITIONAL – Drink Ticket – $5 each or 5 tickets for $20
ADDITIONAL – Food Ticket – $4 each
*All day of and additional tickets must be purchased in cash or cheque as we will not have access to a credit card machine

*All tickets with bus ride include 2 way bus transportation + entrance fee to Fletchers + beer on the bus ride to Strawberries
*All adult tickets include entrance to Strawberries & Champagne + 2 drink tickets + 1 food ticket
*All junior tickets include entrance to Strawberries & Champagne + 1 food ticket + unlimited non-alcoholic drinks

We can’t wait to celebrate being a Nomad with all of you!! Blue is the colour!!