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Nomads named to Ontario junior teams

After two rounds of cuts, 12 Nomads juniors have been selected to play for Ontario.

Nomads under-18s vs Ontario U16s, July, 2010

Nomads under-18s vs Ontario U16s, July, 2010.

The Junior Blues will be sending several teams to the Rugby Canada National Championship Tournament in Calgary, from August 15-20.

The following club members have been selected to the Junior Blues:

Lucas Hammond
Luca Pallattella
Adonis Perez

James Coholan
Graham Dobbs
Johnathan Lorimer
Jarrell Williams

Emil Borggren
Justin Elias
Marshall Hogarth
Richard Laramie

Basil Butler

See the Rugby Ontario website for a full roster.

Please note that the Ontario junior representative teams are on a pay-to-play model. The base fee for all Junior Blues players is  $795  payable immediately. There is also a second portion payable at a later date.

If you are interested in helping Nomads juniors financially, please contact Nomads president Greg Lavigne at or 416.300.2267.