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Nomads Tri-Nations pool

1ST*XV*HARDHITAZ leads the Nomads Tri-Nations fantasy league after four rounds.

To see full standings, go to:

# Manager Team Points Total
1 1ST*XV*HARDHITAZ troy j mcfarlane(213) 302 1507
2 springboks 2nds Carl Xu 289 1406
3 All Star69 dezi daamez 301 1383
4 Varsity Brews Garth Gottfried 240 1308
5 2011_ALLBLACKS john syme 238 1307
6 Brumbettes Jen Dewling 219 1295
7 Warrior RFC Mike Murphy 253 1202
8 Southern Saints Billy Cudmore 251 1195
9 hayley’s22 hayley jacobs 248 1150
10 2drunk2fuck Seamus Roche 239 1144
11 Bone-Crushers24 desmond daames 63 1039
12 Barnabies Grant Barnett 215 981
13 The Food Moochers John Harvey 106 730
14 Rattlesnakes Wyatt Rivers 90 711
15 Da Mauri 22 dezi daamez 29 707
16 anni’s shit’ Andrea Anders 23 581
17 SA TX todd walker 10 385

Play in the Nomads’  Tri-Nations fantasy league.

To play you must register at and then join the Canadian Tri-Nations leaague. The code to join the league is 2979-3949.


Tri-Nations: July 23 - August 27, 2011

Before the first round you have an unlimited amount of substituions to make your team. Then between games you will have limited substittions as you try to pick the best team taking into consideration what teams are playing, who is fit, who is injured and who is in good form.

Players earn you points by completing passes, kicks, scoring, lineout takes, steals, try assists etc., and they lose points with missed tackles, missed kicks, errors, yellow and red cards etc.

After each round the points are posted on the Fox Sports wesbite as well as the Nomads website.

Go to:

The code to join the Canadian Tri-Nations leaague is 2979-3949.


Saturday, July 23
 Australia 39, South Africa 20 – Sydney 
 (6:00am in Toronto)

Saturday, July 30
 New Zealand v South Africa – Wellington
 (3:30am in Toronto)

Saturday, August 6
New  Zealand v Australia – Auckland
 (3:30am in Toronto)

Saturday, August 13
 South Africa v Australia – Durban
 (11:00am in Toronto)

Saturday, August 20
 South Africa v New Zealand – Port Elizabeth
 (11:00am in Toronto)

Saturday, August 27
 Australia v New Zealand – Brisbane
 (6:00am in Toronto)