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How do I join? It’s simple! Just show up for practice. When registration opens for the 2020 season we will link you to the Rugby Canada online registration site. Usually indoor practices start up before registration opens, contact the head of the team you wish to join and inquire about when and where the next practice is. In order to play you must be registered. There are no exceptions.

You can register for 2020 senior level teams (both men and women) by clicking this link.

Where are home matches played? At Fletcher’s Fields, the premier rugby facility in Ontario. All our home matches (and many away ones, too) are played there played up in Markham at Fletcher’s. Since this is somewhat inconveniently located out of the city and not accessible by public transit, a meeting place is arranged in the city and we carpool up each game day. Nearly all matches are on Saturdays, with the odd Sunday or Wednesday evening.

When and where is training?
Tuesdays & Thursdays at 6:15 pm during the rugby season.
Where: The Nomads always train downtown somewhere accessible by transit. This year the Senior Teams are training at Oakwood Collegiate and the Junior Teams are training at Eglinton Flats. In Toronto, the city will not issue permits for field use before May 15th nor after Sept. 30th, which is a problem as pre-season rugby starts in April and the post-season runs into November. E-mail the appropriate captain of your team for updates regarding where practices will take place outside of the May 15th – Sept. 30th window.

When is the season? Typically, we begin indoor training one night a week in February and then move outside mid-March. There are usually a few friendlies through April and the league season begins in mid-May. The women’s league finishes at the end of August, while the men’s teams keep playing until the end of September, after which there is a cup competition running into November. Junior sides (U18, U16, women U19) run a shorter season to avoid conflict with high school sports. Matches are in July and August on Wednesday evenings. Minis & under-14s play a less formal league consisting of Saturday tournaments — this can run from May to September as long as there are interested teams.

How do I get kit (jersey, shorts, boots etc.)? Through your club director.

Do you need players? Yes, we do! And we are happy to recruit all skill levels, ages, and genders — whether you’ve been playing for years or would like to try out a new sport, you can find a place with us.

What teams and levels do you run? We are a “full-service” club — we run teams at all possible levels, and are always trying to add more to our stable. See the recruiting page for more information on the various leagues our teams play in.

What do you offer for overseas players? We are an international club. Every year we get quite a few working holidayers who know rugby is a great way to get settled quickly and have fun. If you want to come over (or up, or down) and play some rugby, we’d love to have you. We’ll do what we can to help out with accommodation and work, but we cannot offer any guarantees in this area. Generally speaking, things will be much easier if you’re legal to work here. Again, please see our recruitment page for more on this.

How much does it cost?
Subscription rates for the 2017 season were:
Senior Men $425
Senior Women $400
University/College students $300
Social Members $150

Where can I send social subs? If you’re an ex-player or current supporter and would like to be a Nomads social member, you can register as an alumnus online, or can send a cheque to the Nomads treasurer.

How do I stay up to date with the most recent information? Either sign up for our newsletter or check out our Facebook page.

I used to be a Nomad, is X around from Y years ago? E-mail us at, and we’ll be glad to try and connect you.