Play rugby in Toronto's downtown core with the Toronto Nomads Rugby Club!
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Past Executive

List of Past Presidents and Club Captains

Year President Men’s Captain Women’s Captain
2018 Ashley Rycroft Andrew Stephens Natalie Rosecky
2017 Steve Darley Andrew Stephens Natalie Rosecky
2016 Steve Darley Mark Magill Natalie Rosecky
2015 Steve Darley Roman Sidney Natalie Rosecky
2014 Steve Darley Roman Sidney Meghan Iley
2013 Steve Darley Ryan Abbott Natalie Rosecky
2012 Greg Lavigne Ryan Abbott Meghan Iley
2011 Greg Lavigne Lee Nevitte Michelle Walker
2010 Greg Lavigne Andrew Prior Michelle Walker
2009 John Zimnoch Andrew Prior Kathy Tait
2008 John Zimnoch Andrew Prior Erin Leamann
2007 Juan Montecinos Mehdi Mohammadi Cristina Petrella
2006 Juan Montecinos Andrew Prior Jennifer Dewling
2005 Juan Montecinos Garth Gottfried Jennifer Dewling
2004 Juan Montecinos Sean Brooks Laura McAndrew
2003 Juan Montecinos Adam Mernick Laura McAndrew
2002 Garth Gottfried Adam Mernick Laura McAndrew
2001 Graeme Mew Garth Gottfried Anna della Rocca
2000 Andrew Bevan Garth Gottfried Anna della Rocca
1999 Andrew Bevan Charlie MacGregor Anna della Rocca
1998 Peter Merrill Peter Towill ?
1997 Peter Merrill David Swart ?
1996 Robert McConkey Andrew Love ?
1995 John Currie Andrew Bevan Kim MacKay
1994 John Currie Andrew Bevan Kim MacKay
1993 Robert McConkey Terry Wallace Dara Zakula
1992 Robert McConkey Charlie Harte  
1991 John Izod Robert McConkey  
1990 John Izod Robert McConkey  
1989 David Ridsdale Robert McConkey  
1988 David Ridsdale Brett Wood  
1987 Roscoe Heilman Les Davidson  
1986 Martin Edmonds Les Davidson  
1985 Martin Edmonds Paul Ali  
1984 John Currie Martin Edmunds  
1983 John Currie Mike Rose  
1982 John Currie John Zimnoch  
1981 John Currie John Zimnoch  
1980 John Currie Harry MacGregor  
1979 Susan Saunders John Currie  
1978 Steven Loewy Neil Sorbie  
1977 Tony Pettett Gary Mossman  
1976 Tony Pettett Neil Sorbie  
1975 Tim Hosking David Ridsdale  
1974 Tim Hosking Mike Dandy  
1973 Stan Armitage Kevin Malone  
1972 Stan Armitage Brian Williams  
1971 Stan Armitage Brian Williams  
1970 Stan Armitage John Currie  
1969 Stan Armitage David Fowler  
1968 Stan Armitage ?  
1967 Stan Armitage Keith Reckling  
1966 Stan Armitage Brian Williams  
1965 Stan Armitage Brian Williams  
1964 Stan Armitage Brian Williams  
1963 Stan Woodburn Errol Day  
1962 Victor McCormick Errol Day  
1961 Victor McCormick Errol Day  
1960 Victor McCormick Errol Day  
1959 Jeffery Jones Errol Day  
1958 Jeffery Jones Ron de la Porte  
1957 Don Farquhason Peter Griffiths  
1956 E. F. (Bill) Smith Errol Day  
1955 Don Farquhason Errol Day  
1954 Ted Nevin Errol Day  
1953 Ted Nevin Percy Hitchcock  
1952 Jim Nairn & George Milne Dick Geater  
1951 Jim Nairn Freddie Miller  
1950 Inaugural Season Freddie Miller