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For players and parent new to the game, we help the following information assist you to achieve a basic understanding.

What is rugby?

The sports full name is rugby football. This is because it was the distinct brand of football played at the Rugby Public School, England in the 1850s from where the game has spread.

The concept of Rugby Union

Rugby Union is in simple terms a game for 15 players where the ball is carries in various players’ hands and they attempt to score by placing the ball on the ground behind the line at the end of the pitch to score. However the game is considerably more complex and so the tactics involved can resemble a game of chess.

Methods of scoring

There are 4 possible was of scoring: try, conversion, penalty and drop goal.

Try –A the try carries the highest number of points 5. This is because it is probably the hardest to score and normally requires a team effort to obtain. To score a try the team in possession has to place the ball on the ground behind the try-line.

Conversion – When a try is score the scorer’s team has the opportunity to score a further 2 points immediately after the score by attempting a place kick in line with where the try was scored.

Penalty Kick – The penalty kick as with the conversion is where the team’s kicker attempts to kick the ball from the ground through the posts; the position is defined from where the offence was committed. There are 3 points awarded from a penalty kick.

Drop Goal – a drop goal occurs in general play and consists of dropping the ball from the hands and kicking it just after the bounce through the posts for 3 points

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