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The Toronto Nomads are an all-welcoming club. All players who turn up to training and pay their annual fees get game time on Saturdays. Fees do not have to be paid until matches commence in April, however some pre-season training will carry a small weekly fee for indoor location hire.
In addition to our locally developed players, each season sees an increase in foreign-based players, predominantly from Ireland, UK, Australia and New Zealand. Other nationalities currently represented at the club include Argentina, France, USA, and Zimbabwe.  Despite strong representation from traditional rugby power nations, the Nomads selection committee prides itself on merit rather than nationality.

The Nomads have provided an excellent introduction to Toronto life for people new to the city and country through their off-field social environment. Frequent visits to the pub after training and match-days, fundraising events throughout the season, and friendships built from within the club are just some of the social benefits the club has provided.
Frequently asked questions about recruitment

Are you looking for new players? Always. Firstly, the addition of players of all standards creates competition for positions, which increases performance at training and on the field. Secondly, fielding three men’s teams and a women’s team for the whole summer requires a large roster of players as injuries, work, university and other commitments takes its toll on numbers.

How do I join? Keep an eye on the website and Facebook pages for information on training. Show up to training and then all information regarding joining the club will be given. E-mail with any queries. 

How experienced to I have to be to play for the Nomads? We accept players of all experience levels. Some are old hands at the game, whilst some have never played before. For the men, fielding three teams allows us to welcome players of all skill levels. The 1st XV is usually the more experienced players and the occasional natural. The 2nd XV is made up of players on the cusp of 1st XV and players who may be moving toward the end of their career but still have plenty to offer. Finally, the 3rd XV is a mixture of players at the end of their career who still want to have a run, as well as players who are new to the sport. For the women, much the same applies inasmuch as the  club is made up of players who are new to the sport, to players who have literally captained the senior Canadian side.

What can the club provide for me? This question is usually in regard to foreign players asking if the club can support them financially in some way – flights, accommodation, player payments etc. Unfortunately, with rugby still amateur in Canada, rugby clubs are, most commonly, unable to provide any of this to players. All foreign-based players currently at the club have arrived on their own accord, having organised their own relevant visas. What the club can provide is opportunities for work and accommodation should players turn up with the right attitude. The Nomads boasts a community of around 500 active and non-active members, and therefore, is a great club for networking. Many of our players have found work through or for people associated with the club, or met people who either need housemates or rent to new players.

What level of rugby does the club play? The Nomads men play in the Marshall Championship division which is the second highest league in the province. Now that the club is established in this league, the long-term goal will be to win the league and gain promotion to Marshall premiership – the highest league in the province and equal highest non-representative league in the country. In a nutshell, the standard the club plays at is highly competitive, physical, and serious.

Why should I join the Nomads over another club in town? We believe we are the best club for people new to the city or the sport to join for several reasons. The Nomads are one of the few remaining clubs to be based in downtown Toronto. Although our matches are played north of the city, most training and social events still take place within the city. This makes getting to and from training a lot easier as a Nomad than other clubs who are based further from the downtown core.  Additionally, our social environment is always busy which gives club members plenty of opportunity to make new friends and meet new people. Over the years the Nomads have brought new and old friends together, created business partnerships for people, and even introduced a few future husbands and wives.