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Three Teams: The Nomads run two senior men’s teams with both teams currently playing in the Ontario Rugby Union’s (ORU) Keenan Division.

For newcomers to rugby, the three teams are broken down like this: the 1st team is the most competitive playing the most competitive teams from other clubs in our league. The 1sts generally play on Saturday afternoons at 3pm, although there are occasional Sunday and weeknight games for all the sides.

Nomad 2nds away to Barrie
Nomad 2nds @ Brantford 2006

The 2nd team is a combination of guys trying to play well enough to crack the 1st team, athletic guys with decent rugby experience and still honing their skills. There are also some older players who are still skilled and fit enough, but who perhaps have ‘outgrown’ the 1st team. The 2nds generally play on Saturday afternoons at 1:30pm, finishing just before the 1sts kick off; seven of the better 2nd team players then furnish the substitutes bench for the 1sts.

Should the numbers warrant, the Nomad men will endeavour to run a 3rd team. The 3rd team is perhaps the most fun team in the senior men’s squad. It consists of beginners, social players, players ‘past their prime’, players who can’t always make training, new players and players coming off injury. When the 3rds play, they kick off at noon and finish at 1:30pm. Again, the more competitive 3rd team players reserve for the 2nds, while the more social ones open a beer and sit back for an entertaining afternoon of watching rugby.

Nomad 3rds at Fletcher's
Nomad 3rds at Fletcher’s

Although rugby consists of 15 players on the field, it take far more than 45 active players to run 3 men’s teams. It takes at least 60, as the selection committee must deal with the inevitable reality of players unavailable for games due to work, holidays or other reasons, and of course injuries.

League Games from May to September: Our Men’s 1st and 2nd XV play in their respective divisions of the Toronto Rugby Union Premier Competition. Our 3rd XV play in the Toronto Rugby Union Men’s Central Division.

1sts @ Fletcher's
1sts @ Fletcher’s

The rugby season with the Toronto Nomads begins indoors with pre-season fitness and skills training usually beginning in February. Outdoor training starts in April with the opening weekend of league play in mid-May and continues until the end of September. There is a further four-round post-season Cup in October. In addition, there are occasional friendlies (meaning non-league games that do not affect standings) against other clubs or incoming touring teams.


How to Play Rugby for the Nomad Senior Men: To qualify to play for the Nomads senior men’s teams it is a simple formula: pay your registration fees!

There are no tryouts. By running as many teams as we can (we’ve run up to four before), all players who are in good standing get onto the field. There is a selection committee who meet each Tuesday to determine who plays for which team on the weekend.  To earn selection to higher teams, it will a combination of the following criteria listed in order of importance:

Nomads XV v, touring team 08/15/04
Nomads XV v. English touring team Old Emmanuel 

1 – fully paid registration fees (imperative)
2 – attendance at training
3 – current playing form
4 – past game performance

For the higher teams, attendance at training is a must. If you cannot make the training commitments, that’s what the lower teams are for. Rugby is a team sport, so it is better to have a slightly less skilled player who is there to practice with the team than to have a more skilled player who cannot train on Tuesdays & Thursday evenings.

Current playing form refers to such measures as fitness, skill and desire exhibited at both training and games, It is essential to build a winning team. Past game performance is ranked last so that players know that if they have given it their all at games and in training but have had a bad game, that will not necessarily be a strike against them. Conversely, if a player has had a single exceptional game, that may not be enough to elevate them to a higher team the next week. Consistent performances is the desired trait.

Overseas players should have a look at the information on our recruitment page.

If you have any other unanswered questions, the answers are probably on our Frequently Asked Questions  page, but you can also just email your team captain. They’ll be happy to help you out.